Up and Coming Music Trends to Lookout For

Music, like with everything else, has particular trends. In recent years, though, more emerging artists have brought a new flair to the music industry. As we get deeper into 2016, there are emerging music trends appearing to look out for.
1.      Streaming to a New Level
There are so many streaming services available now, and the list grows each year. The most popular streaming services now being Apple Music, YouTube Red, TIDAL, Songza, Spotify, Google Play Music, and Pandora. As they all stream music, they each have to make themselves different and more competitive than the other. From customized playing lists, to exclusive artists available, to offline listening, each platform draws in music lovers for one reason or another. Streaming can be done now via Android, iOS, BlackBerry 10, Windows, and your desktop. However, more options will soon be developed.
2.      Affordable Fashion Week
New York’s Fashion Week has Fashionista’s from around the globe flocking to this event. Brands get all sorts of recognition for the remaining part of the year. Now retailers such as Macy’s have caught on to the trend, holding their own Fashion Week, per se. So what does music have to do with this? Well, to keep the show engaging there are musical performances throughout the event. So between the popularity of the designers and emerging artists, music has a new way of appearing to a vast new audience. Fashion Week’s will now need to be more affordable for all to attend to reach this wider, engaging audience.
3.      Less and Less Electro Music in the Clubs
As you’ve probably noticed in large scaled clubs, electro music is being played less and less now. Folks from all walks of life are looking for trendier beats of which popular dance moves such as The Shuffle and Twerking (see examples of twerking videos) can be done to. Electro music will soon be a part of the underground music world. For those into electro music, they better get with the times and add some tight beats to it to appeal to the masses.
4.      More Country Meeting Hip-Hop
Have you ever heard of country dance music (not country line dancing)? Well this is a new rave of which is being called CDM. You’ll hear this becoming fairly popular as everyone can relate to the country music lyrics. However, the beat sure can put you to sleep or in a sad coma. But once you pair those country lyrics to a hip-hop rhythm, you have CDM. Pitbull and Kesha have a popular song Timber that has truly rocked the charts, combining electronic dance and folktronica elements with country music.
5.      Brands will Identify Closer with Music
The final up and coming music trend worth pointing out is how brands will up their marketing strategies and identify closely with music. Take Pepsi’s release of Ready to Go performed by singer/actor Jussie Smollett. For brands to engage in the entertainment and music industry is a huge win. They can market to a larger audience who otherwise simply would not care.
So keep your eyes open as the music industry is waking up and ready to take on new ventures. These music trends should not be taken lightly, and if you sleep on it, you’re sure to miss out.

Tammy Munson