Top Cities for The Dreamer Mentality

Each city has attributes that draw people to them. It is important to move to a city that thrives in the areas that are the most important for you. For families, cities with thriving education and job stability are likely the most important. For singles, moving to a city with a bustling night life and active community lifestyle may be ideal.

Bellevue, Washington

If you enjoy nature’s beauty, Bellevue is an ideal location for you. It is surrounded by mountains and lakes that bring impeccable views. Outdoor life is embraced in this city as it has sidewalks and bike paths to navigate it easily. The school system is ranked among the best in the country.

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder is known for its mountain ranges and beautiful natural landscaping. Outdoor activities such as fishing, mountain biking and hiking are popular. The school system is top-notch. The city has an active mining community and popular farm-to-table restaurant scene. Farm-to-table restaurants offer the freshest, local ingredients to customers. Many menus vary frequently due to the availability of items seasonally.

Houston, Texas

Houston is an ideal location for young families. Many of the properties are affordable. The residents of Houston are friendly and each individual neighborhood tends to be tight-knit. The city is also known for being a major job-creation location. More than 2-dozen Fortune 500 companies are headquartered here.

The city has a compelling skyline at its center and a comfortable cost of living. It has an impeccable medical center. Houston is diverse as the city’s layout, offering rural and urban living situations.

Palo Alto, California

Palo Alto is a city of many amenities. It is the only city that has a single fiber optic ring, spanning 31 miles, around it to deliver high-speed Internet. In this city, the residents are very social. It is also a politically active area with an impressive school district.

Palo Alto has unique restaurant options and wide open park spaces. There are several parks that are designed to rank as high-end design. From high points in the city, you can view some of the grand buildings and lush, mature trees.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor offers much for entertainment for people of all ages. It has over 150 parks and ample shopping opportunities. The city also has an eclectic assortment of restaurants to tame cravings for nearly any type of cuisine.

Ann Arbor ranks very high in education satisfaction and quality. It is the home of the University of Michigan and frequently ranks among the best college towns in America.  The university’s student body totals 43,000.

Closing Thoughts

When considering a location change, take the time to make a list of what the city must have for you to be comfortable and happy living there. If maintaining a specific lifestyle is a must, ensure that the city has activities and entertainment options to coincide with that lifestyle. On this list you should include career stability, education, safety and sustainability. Within each city are dozens of smaller neighborhoods. Visit several neighborhoods and decide which aesthetic is most pleasing for your preferences.

Tammy Munson