Should You Settle Or Chase Your Dreams?

Occasionally, life has a way of pushing me to places of dilemma, where I cannot get both going. In my family, music is not considered as a career, but something that just makes life beautiful. A few years ago I found myself in a situation where I had to choose between my passion and what my family wanted me to pursue; a situation that I do not desire anyone to find themselves in, but seemingly inevitable at times. Below are a few reasons why it is important to pursue what you are passionate about.

Live without regrets
Towing the line and giving in to demands that others have put on me is not a solution. Yes, it looks like a solution, but in the long run it turns out to be just another method of treating symptoms of a disease that can only be cured when I follow my dreams. It is not easy to say no to people, especially parents, but better say no today and have a life of peace and contentment when finally the dream comes true, than say yes and live a miserable life sitting behind some office desk.

Ignites other dreams
After I accomplished my dream of pursuing music, I realized that I did not have to stop there. It opened my mind to dream of other things that initially I never thought I wanted to pursue. I am currently working on being a producer, and that is just one among the many dreams that have been birthed through me pursuing the original dream. Pursuing my dream has made me be able to explore opportunities as I have learned that these chances have allowed me to achieve milestones that I never would have imagined.

Makes me stronger
The good thing about pursuing my dreams is that it helped deal with my haters and naysayers in a way I didn’t expect. What I have accomplished so far has made it possible for me to command attention from those who said I could not make it. I feel influential; I can change systems as people know that if I believe in a cause, I will pursue it till I succeed.

I have become a yardstick of determination among those who thought I could not make it.
I have not accomplished a lot with my music as I am still working on reaching where I desire to be, but the length I have come, I feel fulfilled and this makes me even more determined to go on.

Tammy Munson