Is It Safe to Send Your Kids to Band Camp?

Although thinking of sending your children to summer camp may sound like a good thing, the days that we remember of summer camp are long gone. Remembering the days when we used to go to summer camp is a good way to reminisce the good old days. When we think of summer camp, we think of when we used to have, which was good old fashioned fun singing songs by the campfire while roasting marshmallows and going swimming with our friends.

Those days are long gone and we will never see them again. With the way technology has advanced, we are lucky our children even want to go to camp these days to spend time with their friends. Of course, it doesn’t mean they are getting away from the technology that is making them lazy as technology is everywhere these days. This makes you wonder if it is even safe to send your kids to camp. Therefore, today we are discussing the pros and cons of sending your children to camp so you can decide whether or not it is safe to send your kids to camp.

Unplug the Devices and Make New Connections

One great thing about sending your child to camp is that they can unplug their devices and make actual connections with new friends or get back into contact with old friends who they might not have been speaking to because of not being able to unplug from their technological devices. Some parents might not want to send their children to a camp unless they know their friends are going, however, going to a camp to meet new friends is a good thing too.

Allow them to Gain Independence

Sending your children to camp is a great way to allow them to gain the independence they need to get through life without depending on other people. No one wants their children to depend on others for the rest of their life and if sending them to camp will let them gain the independence they need, then this is a great thing for both the children and the parents.

Increase their Self -Confidence

Letting your children go to camp can let them increase their self-confidence. They can go to camp to learn self-confidence by doing crafts that they enjoy doing, learning new things, and learning how to talk to people without the use of technology.

They can Get Lice

One bad thing about sending your children to camp is that they can easily get lice from the other children there. It can sometimes be hard to get rid of lice but it can be done. You’ll have to spend less money on the lice removal if you hire someone local like I did with my Las Vegas in home lice removal services, but products are available via your local drugstore.  One way to prevent this is to tell your children not to use another child’s brush or comb and not to share bedding like pillows, sheets, and blankets with other children.

Safety Concerns

You may also not want to send your children to camp because you may be concerned about their safety while they are not with you. If you are still thinking of sending them to camp, talk to them about the ways they can stay safe while being without you and let them know that if they need you, they can always call you and you will be there right away to get them.


Although there are more pros than cons of sending your children to camp, there are probably other things you may be concerned about when sending them away for the summer. However, they will need to grow up at some point and have to be used to spending time away from their parents.


Tammy Munson