Getting Into Music In My Early 20’s

I grew up in an environment where people loved music and so passion for music is something that has been a part of me. For years, my friends kept telling me to try out music as a career, but I kept pushing away the idea. But if you have ever been passionate about something, you clearly know that you can only push it away for some time. Finally, I gave in to the idea of pursuing my passion. Little did I know what awaited me; shock on me! Here are some challenges I faced when starting music in my early twenties.

Gaining publicity
Getting known is a common challenge for anyone who does any form of art. Before you hit the road, be prepared to know that it takes time to be known out there. Some make it easy, Michael Jackson and others made it early in their careers. But this is not the way it works for everyone. That is not the way it worked for me.

It took hard work and aggression to gain the little publicity I have so far. I had to lower myself to the level of a door mat, taking every opportunity to showcase what I had. I was booed off stage a number of times, and sometimes still I’m hissed today.

Cash flow
As long as someone gets into adulthood, bills will always come. This is true of musicians as well. As a young musician, I spent most of my time sharpening my skills trying to avoid being booed off stage. This means the time to work and earn money was also reduced. The truth is, as a new musician, you will have to do with little resources.

Most of my performances were charity since no one knew me. Even getting those charity events was not easy. Some people were good to me, giving me something that kept me going. There is a market out there for musicians, but knowing how to tap into it is not a walk in the park.

Turning passion into business
Most people view music as entertainment, but truth be told, the entertainer has a life. The only way a musician can stay longer in the game is if they turn passion into business. The best way is by landing good deals. This is not easy since before you get there, you need to have done a few demos, which also call for money.

As a young musician, I faced numerous challenges that almost made me quit. But I have learned to put passion above everything else.

Tammy Munson