Dealing With Passion Over Profit

Approaching music as a passion calls for a lot. For a starter, passion is very important since the industry has its major setbacks. Going for gold is a good thing, but I have learned over the years that gold can pass away at a very high speed. A time comes when the industry is not making as much as I expected and it is passion that keeps me going. But I cannot ignore the fact that profit also plays a huge role. My experience over time has brought me to a few things that helps me put passion over profit.

Staying focused
Being a musician is tough, especially if you are from a family that does not see music as a career. I put all my efforts in music regardless of what people say, this helps me stay focused as I pursue my passion in times when the returns are not so desirable.

Focus keeps me on course and drives me toward securing a future where I do what I love doing. It also helps me deal with risks as I know that pursuing my passion calls for a lot of sacrifices. It requires patience as the more I do music, the more I grow in it and the closer to my destiny I become. Staying focused keeps me going in my passion.

Setting goals
Most people want to do business but do not know what they want to achieve. It is great to have a vision to be the greatest musician that the world has ever seen, but you must have some direction on how to get there. Setting goals helps achieve a lot of things that I would have not.

When I want to learn an instrument, I set goals on what I want to achieve by the end of a certain period. At this moment, I cannot consider myself a successful musician but I surely know the direction on how to get there.

Having role models
The beauty of this is that whenever I look at my financial status and it does not add up, I have some reference point that helps me pick myself up and move on despite setbacks. Lives of musicians who struggled for a long time but made it big really encourage me. It reminds me of where I am going and that things do not have to be the way they are today, tomorrow.

Staying focused, setting goals, and having role models are things that have nurtured my music career. These have allowed me to be passionate about music and let profits come my way as I pursue what I love doing most.

Tammy Munson