Come Prepared for Your First Consultation with a Personal Injury Lawyer

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Have you been hit by a car that has left you suffering with severe headaches or backaches? Have you slipped and fallen on a sidewalk or staircase that was poorly maintained? Have you sustained an injury that wasn’t your fault but left you with negative consequences that you have to live with every day? If you have, you might want to contact a Cartersville personal injury lawyer.

Free First-Time Consultations

Many attorneys offer a free first-time consultation to discuss personal injury cases. These appointments are held to give you an idea of whether or not you have a viable case. The appointments run anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. Generally, the appointments have no obligation on your part. This means that if you decide not to retain the attorney’s services at the end of the appointment, you don’t have to.

Be Prepared for Your Appointment

When going in for your first-time consultation, you want to make the most of your appointment. Because the time is limited, the more prepared you are, the more you can accomplish at this consultation. Following is a recommended list of things to take to your first appointment:

  • A written account–As soon as you can after the accident, write down everything you can remember. Include such things as the time of day or night, weather conditions, and your version of the incident.
  • Conversations and statements of others–Write down everything you hear anyone say. You never know whether or not it might prove valuable to your lawyer. It doesn’t matter whether or not that was part of the official report, write it down. Your attorney can determine its value.
  • Contact information of those involved–Get the name, address, email address, cell phone number, and phone number of the other person. If it was a company, get a business card of the person who is handling the incident.
  • Your insurance information–Bring all insurance information you have, including both medical and automobile if necessary. Bring more than just your insurance card. It would be helpful if you brought policy, too.
  • The other party’s insurance information–Get as much information about the other party’s insurance as you can. You might not be able to get very much, but at least get the name of the insurance company and the policy number.
  • Police report–If there is a police report, get a copy and give it to your attorney.

Let the Professional Decide

If you wonder whether or not you have a viable case, let the professional give you advice. A Cartersville personal injury lawyer can look at your situation and advise you on what you should do next. That is the purpose of a free consultation.

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