Artist Tips For New Living Locations

Leaving home is never easy. Home is familiar and surrounded with the people you have always known. Moving to a new city with a different culture and community where you know just a few people can be a big change, especially if you have never made such a move before. However, if you want your life in this new city to be successful, you’ve got to adapt, and adapt quickly. Taking on a negative attitude will only make the change more difficult. By learning to enjoy the process, you become happier with your new life and surroundings. Here are a few ways we to begin making this change work for you: net town


  1. Practice open-mindedness- No matter who you are or where you have moved to, there will be activities and events for you to take advantage of. By being open minded to new things and putting yourself out there, you may find yourself becoming part of your new community without even trying.  It can be as simple as joining a yoga class, a new church or other clubs.
  2. Stay in touch while maintaining self reliance- Staying connected with your old friends can help you handle the stress of moving. Think long term about your old friends and cherish them as a unique part of your identity that you carry with you. However, relying to much on your old friends can back fire. When you do not spend as much time with old friends any longer, they will struggle to understand your problems that you now have. Focus on forming relationships with new friends that are experiencing the same things that you are, they will be the best support network for you.
  3.      Dog Parks – People love pets, and bonding over pets can be a great way to meet people because you know that you already have something in common. Ask a local dog park visitor if they’d like to walk their dogs with you sometime. It can never hurt to be outgoing even if the setting is a dog park.
  4. 4.     Read up – One of the best ways to understand your new hometown is through reading articles about it online or through reading the local newspaper. Not only can you find good information about moving companies to cover the logistics of the move, you can also find the best grocery stores and athletic clubs to help you get a jumpstart on feeling at home in your new community.
  5.   Host a party – Now this one is not for everyone, especially the anti-social, but rest assured, it can be very effective. Perhaps you are struggling to find time to meet people given your busy schedule. Invite people from your workplace to come to your housewarming party because chances are that they will feel flattered. If you’re not comfortable with them bringing gifts, just have them come with lists of the best activities to do in the new city. By the end of the party you will come away with knowledge about your home town and your new friends.

Tammy Munson