About Me

The broke life of a musician.


Hi, the name is Tammy Munson and I am a dreamer. A dreamer of music! I dropped out of college at the age of 22 to pursue music. I still don’t know it it was the right choice, but I’m still going for it 4 years later! I started this blog as a stress reliever, to reach out to other artists in hopes of connecting on the daily struggle. Whether you’re pursing sports, music, art, or what have you be.. We all share the struggle.


I hope this blog becomes a success story, where I can share tips and tricks on making it in the industry. If anything, it will be my journal on the trials and tribulations of an struggling artist! Who knows what will happen! All I know is that I won’t stop trying until I’m 6 feet under ground. It’s not about the richest and the fame, it’s about the adventure!